DeviantArt blocked in Pakistan


–> UPDATE: deviantART is now accessible in Pakistan (March 05, 2014 – 9:43 PM). We reached the conclusion that deviantART was blocked after we checked with several sources to see 1) if the site was up in other countries and 2) it was not accessible in Pakistan (but accessible using proxies etc.). They confirmed that both conditions were true. Thank you to all who tweeted, shared and emailed. <

So it appears that one of the popular website for artists, deviantart has been blocked by ‘authorities’ in Pakistan. It seems to have been blocked for quite a few days now. Checking it on ISUP.ME (see image below) and UPTRENDS shows that DeviantArt website is running elsewhere but Pakistan.
Yes, there is content on this site that might offend some people but that doesn’t mean that other people/artists should suffer because of this. In this post we mention the steps you can take to help us unblock it in Pakistan. Please keep reading.

Here are some steps you can take to help quicken the unblocking of this site (or any site):

#1 | Write an email

Write an email (see sample below) and send it to:
1) info[at]
2) info[at]
3) info[at]
4) complaint[at]

City name: <Mention your city’s name, e.g. Karachi>
ISP: <Mention your ISP’s name, e.g. WiTribe>
“The website has also been blocked. This is a popular website for artists to upload and share their work with people. Many Pakistani digital artists like Shahan Zaidi (, Babrus khan (, Anas Riasat ( and Gibran Nasir ( etc. have their profiles on this website.”

#2 | Tweet to internet activists and politicians:

You can also tweet to Pakistani internet activists: @Jehan_Ara, @SanaSaleem, @NighatDad, @FariehaAziz
You can also tweet to Pakistani politicians: @MJibranNasir, @ArifAlvi@SharmilaFaruqi@CMShehbaz

Sample (140 characters):
“DeviantArt website ( has been blocked in Pakistan. Help us. cc: @Jehan_Ara, @SanaSaleem, @NighatDad, @FariehaAziz”

#3 | Post complaints/comments on these Facebook pages:

You can also post your comments/complaints on these Facebook pages:
1) BoloBhi
2) Digital Rights Foundation
3) Bytes for All, Pakistan

Help us unblock websites we care about. Thank you!


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